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The Man with the X-ray Eyes - Limited Edition
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Obsessed with expanding the powers of human sight, renowned scientist Dr James Xavier aims to develop a formula that will allow the user to see beyond the visible spectrum. Experimenting on himself, he finally perfects a serum that gives him the power to see through solid objects. As he continues experimenting his ambition turns to obsession. No longer able to control the effects, his vision extends beyond the realms of human comprehension until he finally sees more than he can bear. SPECIAL FEATURES New interview with Director Roger Corman Introduction by Kat Ellinger, Author and Editor of Diabolique Audio commentary by Roger Corman Audio commentary by Tim Lucas Original prologue Joe Dante on The Man with the X-Ray Eyes Trailers from Hell with Mick Garris Trailer LIMITED EDITION CONTENTS Rigid slipcase featuring new artwork by Graham Humphreys Reversible poster with new and original artwork Soft cover book with new writing by Jon Towlson and Allan Bryce

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